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Enterprise Network Resolutions Contracting, LLC (ENRC) is a leading environmental remediation contractor in the northeastern region of the United States. We have successfully built a reputation of providing quality solutions at affordable prices with an unwavering commitment to safety. It is important to us that we protect this reputation that we have built and we take your trust in us very seriously. This is why it is our core belief that we always stay true to our values and deliver exceptional and innovative solutions to help contribute to the success of our clients.

Ted Budzynski — Owner

Great Experiences Build Great Partnerships.

The Right people

We take pride in our people. ENRC was founded by a management team dedicated to providing the highest quality service and solutions. Unlike many other remedial contractors, ENRC can easily adapt to any size project while maintaining while maintaining their high levels of customer service and commitment to cost-effective solutions.

The Right equipment

ENRC owns and operates all of the equipment used during projects we partner on. Owning and having access to these resources is a key reason on how we are able to keep our costs down which saves you money.

If a project requires a highly specialized piece of equipment, we maintain rental and lease agreements with equipment vendors to ensure we have access to these resources to complete your project.

The right partner

On any job, ENRC’s focus, aside from successful project completion, is to form a partnership with the client. We are a continually expanding company that is positioned to meet remedial challenges of today, as well as those of the future and we want to offer help wherever possible. We are determined to understand your focus and what we can do to help achieve your success.

Value Proposition


We use industry leading practices, equipment, and talent to craft the best solutions to your project requirements.


We are well versed in dozens of various job functions and are able to manage and complete a project through various phases.


Our team is what differentiates us from our competitors. We have some of the finest management, engineers, and operators on staff at ENRC that are driven by success.

Company Insight

Our mission is to offer quality solutions with an unparalleled dedication to service, safety, and the success of our clients.

We are committed to preserving our integrity and trust while offering solutions that are the highest quality and with safety as a priority while always taking ownership of the situation.


A Leading Company in Environmental Remediation

Working with us

Extensive Company Network

We are open to any cooperation with other companies! We can establish long-term and mutually beneficial relations and become reliable partners.

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